90s Prada Kitten Heels - The It-Girl Accessory.

90s Prada Kitten Heels - The It-Girl Accessory.

An awaited comeback.


News: Kitten heels and Prada buckle pumps are no longer the symbol of a middle-aged secretary or a 60+ heir.  


Kitten Heels Trend Vogue Influencers


In the ever-evolving landscape of fashion, certain trends possess a certain magnetic allure. This season, one such trend has emerged from the annals of iconic footwear—the Prada's kitten heels. Epitomizing elegance and understated sophistication, these undeniably chic heels have staged a triumphant comeback, gracing the feet of fashion trendsetters worldwide.


Kitten Heels Trend Celebs


Originating in the early 1950s, the kitten heel (1.5 - 2 inches) "rose" to prominence as a symbol of feminine grace and refinement. Yet, it was in the realm of high fashion that Prada, catapulted this modest heel to an exalted status. Embodying Miuccia Prada's visionary fusion of contemporary artistry and timeless allure, Prada's kitten heels first made waves in the '90s, captivating fashion enthusiasts. 
In 2024 kitten heels are back.


Prada Kitten Heels Trend on Runway


They are no longer an attribute of a middle-aged secretary or a 60+ heir. Fashion moguls, streetwear queens and Instagram influencers are wearing this trend differently: as a slow fashion statement (vintage is in), quiet luxury piece, or even as a "grandma's closet" accessory. But the point is: EVERYONE is wearing it.    


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