Designer Vintage Bags worth investing: Fendi Mini Croissant Bag

Designer Vintage Bags worth investing: Fendi Mini Croissant Bag

The 2000s iconic bag.


Fendi Mini Croissant bag is the older sister of Baguette. This model is no longer produced by Fendi but was so famous in the 2000s that there was a waitlist for its every version! It famously appeared in the "Sex and the City" and is currently loved by celebs like Rihanna. Its Zucca monogram version retails for up to 2500 USD. 


Mini bags have been trending for the past few seasons bringing back the iconic Fendi mini Croissant to the forefront of the fashion scene. It screams Y2K and is so ridiculously tiny that your iPhone probably wouldn't fit in but it still costs more than many normal-sized designer bags. What's more, its value will probably continue to grow since Fendi is no longer producing this baby. 

And does the size matter? Because we checked: it can surely fit iPods, credit cards, keys, and your favorite lipstick, and don't fool yourself - you will have your phone in your hand anyway. 


Discover our authentic Fendi selection: FENDI.


Fendi mini croissant bag vintage editorial campaign 2000s

Vintage Fendi mini croissant bag Kim Kardashian

Vintage Fendi mini croissant bag in Zucca monogram

Vintage Fendi Croissant Bag Mini Carrie Bradshaw

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