How To Style A Vintage Skirt

How To Style A Vintage Skirt

A comprehensive guide on how to style a vintage skirt this summer!

If you are a vintage lover or maybe just have a granny's skirt lying down in a closet: here are some inspirations on how to style it so that it becomes your summer go-to item. 



1. Sporty chic.

If you grew up in the 90s and early 2000s you will really appreciate this trend. Pairing your vintage skirt with a football t-shirt may seem like a faux pas but trust me, it looks better you think. Popularized by Bella Hadid, it is the ultimate y2k look for trendy girlies and vintage lovers. 


Vintage Skirt and Football Italia T-shirt Outfit


Vintage Midi Skirt.



Vintage Skirt and Football Italia T-shirt Outfit


2. Belly out.

Probably the most effortlessly sexy option. Styling your vintage skirt with a crop top or a shirt tied around your waist is not only comfortable during the hottest months of the year but also very sensual. Whether you opt for minimalistic or colorful design, this outfit will make you look nonchalant in the best way possible.


Vintage Skirt Outfit Salma Hayek


Vintage Red Butterfly Spanish Midi Skirt

Vintage Butterfly Midi Skirt.


Vintage Skirt White Shirt Outfit Emrata Emily Ratajkowski


3. Less is more.

You just can't go wrong with this one. Pairing your vintage skirt with a plain tank top or a t-shirt will always look good and put together. Plus, with a simple, monochromatic top you can really go crazy with a skirt design. 


Vintage Skirt Outfit Kendall Jenner


Vintage Floral Midi Skirt.


Vintage Skirt Outfit Carrie Bradshaw


4. Love is in the air. 

Nothing screams "vintage" more than a dainty lace top with bow detailing. If you really love the romantic style, go all-in and style your vintage skirt with cute, delicate top, preferable in white or pastel colors. Extra points if you pair it with vintage kitten heels.   


Vintage Skirt Outfit Romantic


Blumarine Siren Midi Skirt Pink
Blumarine VIntage Midi Skirt.


Vintage Skirt Outfit Romantic



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