Italian Street Style Outfits - How To Dress Like An Italian Woman

Italian Street Style Outfits - How To Dress Like An Italian Woman

It's no coincidence that all the big fashion houses come either from France or Italy.

Right now all eyes are on Milan where every fashion brand is showing its collection for the upcoming season. We are flooded by photos of Italian street style and it seems like every random grandpa looks better than we ever could with his effortless elegance and classy charm. For sure, we can learn one or two things to emulate that Italian chic - here is our guide to how to dress like Italians do: 



1. Quality Over Quantity.

Italians shop differently. They invest in classic and good craftsmanship rather than new-every-season fast fashion. In Milan, they buy much less and that's probably why they can often afford brands like Dolce Gabbana or Gucci.


Milan street style


2. Vintage Heaven.

It is a well known fact that both French and Italian fashionistas buy vintage clothing. Why? Because they are cheaper, chic and one of the kind. Compared to the contemporary fashion, they are made from better quality fabric and the construction of the clothing is simply impeccable.


Milan Street style


3. Accessorize.

If you pay closer attention to Italian street style, you will notice that they often dress in a very classic manner. A plain tee, nice blazer and vintage jeans are the staple in their closets but Italians always add something extra to elevate the whole outfit. For example a belt with a statement buckle or unique vintage heels. 


Milan Street Style



4. Don't Chase The Trend.

Italians rarely wear what Instagram is telling them to. They have their own sense of style and know exactly what makes them look good. 



Milan street style italian



5. Invest In Basics.

In Italy, having a high quality coat is a MUST. A great designer bag (usually vintage and maybe inherited from your mamma) and designer sunnies can make every outfit stand out. It is normal in Italy to pass designer heels and bags from generation to generation or shop for them at vintage stores. That's why you would be shocked to see how well dresses Milanese are! 



Milan Italian street style



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