Shoes Trend Predictions - 7 Styles That Will Rule 2024

Shoes Trend Predictions - 7 Styles That Will Rule 2024

Wonder what shoes to invest in this year? 

Based on runway trends, The Lyst Index, Google Trends, and Pinterest Trends predictions, here are 7 styles that will rule 2024. 





Vintage Prada Bow Heels


Bows are now everywhere (literally from head to toe). They made their way through hair accessories, ballet core-inspired clothing to heels where they are staying at least for the next couple of seasons. Whether you prefer maxi bows (as seen on the runway) or more dainty ribbons, according to Pinterest Trends predictions, they are all in fashion.   





Tabi Mary Jane Margiela Dua Lipa



Mary Jane style appeared on countless of runways and according to The Lyst Index, Maison Margiela's Tabi Mary Janes were the hottest item of the 2023. They look effortlessly elegant when paired with simple jeans and a t-shirt outfit or a geometric dress. Extra points if you find them in red. 





Miu Miu kitten heels



Kitten heels have been an It-Girl accessory this Fall and they are not going anywhere. Worn with high socks or flared pants they absolutely ruled the fashion world in 2023 and are proudly extending their reign for the next seasons. The most desired are pointed and slingback ones like already iconic Miu Miu patent heels. Wondering how to style them? Take a look at this blog post: How To Style Kitten Heels.  





Vintage Flower Heels collection



Flower heels were an It-Item of last summer and according to trends predictions, they are not losing their steam in 2024. If you are a fashion girlie, you've probably seen countless DIY videos of people decorating their sandals with faux flowers, trying to emulate this trend. You don't have to go to that extent - just take a look at our designer Flower Heels selection to find your next treasure.





Vintage Chanel Heels Classic



You've heard this throughout 2023: the quiet luxury is in. In 2024 we are still investing in what is elegant and classic. With that you can never miss. 






Vintage Heels with Socks Outfit



If you are into the school-girl-chic, this one is for you. Wearing sandals with socks is no longer a faux pas, especially if you go for a vintage kitten heels with a pointed toe. Sock have never been so sophisticated.






Vintage Kitten Pointed Heels



This trend is obviously the closest to our heart. The good thing is, investing in designer vintage heels is not only "in fashion" but also good for your wallet and the planet. Plus, none of your friends will have the same pair. And when something is this good, it's no longer just a trend - it's a fashion staple.  



Check out our designer vintage heels selection: HEELS.


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