Spring 2024 Trends Parisian Girls Swear By

Spring 2024 Trends Parisian Girls Swear By

Whenever I hear "you look so French!" I take it as an ultimate compliment.

There is probably no more fashionable city than Paris (except maybe Milan) so if you are preparing your spring outfits this is the best place to look for an inspo. And while we are in the midst of the Paris Fashion Week, let's take a closer look at how to dress like a local. 



1. I Just Woke Up.

Last time I was in Paris I saw at least two people having a drink in their pajamas, covered only with a trench coat. I immediately thought, that's so Parisian! Can you ever look more effortlessly than that? I'm not saying that you should stroll around the town in your pj's but how about a lingerie-like slip dress paired with a camel coat? 



Trench Coat Slip Dress Outfit



Vintage Slip Dress in Cream.




Slip dress vintage paris



2. Street Dusters.

As we mentioned above, trench coats are definitely a staple among Parisians. And the longer, the better. That's what makes a difference between British and French coat: the latter touches the ground and is either left open or tied nonchalantly around the waist. And trust me, it can make the simplest outfit look perfectly put-together!


trench coat outfit


MaxMara trench coat

Max Mara Trench Coat.



trench coat paris outfit



3. Hello Kittens.

You must be living under the rock if you haven't heard about the kitten heels craze. Every girl and their mother is wearing 90s pointy heels or cute mules that look like they were taken from the grandma's closet. This is nothing new in Paris. French girlies have always been appreciative of vintage designer fashion and you can often see them treasure hunting in local consignment stores. Follow their footsteps and invest in some designer kitten heels. Pair them with a flared jeans for the ultimate Parisian look!


kitten heels jeans outfit


Vintage Chanel Pearl Kitten Heels.


kitten heels jeans outfit 


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