Summer 2024 White Dress Trend

Summer 2024 White Dress Trend

Updating your summer wardrobe? Say "yes" to a white dress. 

The perfect dress for strolling around small Italian streets or going on an ice cream dates.


There is probably nothing more summery than a white dress! It looks sooo good against tanned skin and is a quintessential part of your summer closet. This year it dominated runways from Valentino to Chloe in every version possible: Greek Goddess gowns, flowy sheer slips, lace and cotton poplin dresses. Feeling inspired? Check out our designer & curated vintage selection:


Valentino Cotton Dress.



French Slip Dress.



Christian Dior Slip Dress

Christian Dior Cotton Dress.



Vintage Italian Slip Dress
Vintage Italian Slip Dress.


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