Summer Dress Trends 2024 According To Designers

Summer Dress Trends 2024 According To Designers

Are you in the midst of preparing your summer wardrobe? We are here to help you.

If you are ready to have the best summer ever, you need a good dress as your companion. These are 2024 summer dresses trends according to designers and Instagram trends (plus our recommendations).



1. Simple Silhouettes.

When the heat is pouring from the sky, you find a new appreciation for simple, breathable dresses. Good news: this season they are not only comfortable but also in fashion. To create this look, search for geometrical and monochromatic pieces like ones from The Row or Marni.


Moschino Couture Red Dress.


2. Draped Dresses.

Draped dresses are in. No wonder you've seen them on Ferragamo's runway or Di Petsa Instagram - they are feminine, classy and simple. If this summer you want to look like a Greek Goddess, invest in a flowy draped piece of your own.   



Vintage YSL Dress.


3. Fun Prints.

Is there something more summery than a colorful print? Probably not. That's why every year fun and juicy fabrics are designers' go-to for summer collections. Look for colorful floral print like those from Rodarte or Cavalli's 2024 Spring/Summer runway.


Vintage Blumarine Lemon Dress.



4. 90s Slip Dresses.

Slip dresses have been popular for a while now and they will probably never go out of style. Simple, elegant and sexy - they were made extremely trendy by Kate Moss and Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City. This year we've seen them on Dolce and Gabbana runway.


Vintage French Slip Dress.




5. Cotton Dresses.

There is nothing like a light cotton dress during hot summer months! Designers know that so each year they pop up on runways, especially in white. In 2024 we've seen them on multiple shows from Chloe to Giambattista Valli. 


Vintage Valentino White Cotton Dress.

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