What Designer Bags to Invest In - Six 2024 Trends.

What Designer Bags to Invest In - Six 2024 Trends.

Growth in value of vintage designer bags in 2024.


Shopping for designer bags in 2024 is truly an investment strategy (and the best excuse to get one). Investing in rare or iconic pieces will help you diversify your portfolio with sought-after, limited-edition items. Their historical significance, artistic collaborations, and limited availability contribute to the increasing value within the vintage luxury market.



1. Hermès Birkin: Let's start with the obvious. A perennial favorite, particularly the Birkin in classic colors like black or neutral tones. Its value has consistently increased by approximately 14% annually due to limited production and enduring appeal.


Vintage Hermes Birkin Bags as an Investment


2. Chanel 2.55 Flap Bag: This timeless piece, especially in lambskin or caviar leather, has witnessed an annual appreciation of around 10%. Its iconic design and Chanel's heritage contribute to its enduring value.


Vintage Chanel 255 Flap Bag in Black Vogue


3. Fendi Baguette Bag: This iconic piece gained immense popularity in the late '90s and early 2000s. Its value has seen a resurgence, appreciating at approximately 10% annually. The Baguette's reinvention and limited availability contribute to its investment potential. Buy authentic Fendi bags.


Vintage Fendi Baguette Bag in Pink Sequins Vogue


4. Vintage Fendi Mini Croissant Bag: Similar to the Baguette, the Mini Croissant Bag has witnessed a resurgence in demand. Its unique shape and vintage appeal have led to a steady annual appreciation of around 8%, making it an attractive investment choice. Buy your Croissant bag.


Editorial Fendi Mini Croissant Bag Vintage


5. Louis Vuitton x Murakami Collaboration Bags: These limited-edition collaborations, especially the Monogram Multicolore and Cherry Blossom lines, have seen impressive annual value growth of approximately 12%. Murakami's artistic influence combined with Louis Vuitton's prestige drives the increased desirability among collectors. Buy authentic LV Murakami bags.


Murakami x Louis Vuitton Collab


6. Louis Vuitton Graffiti Bags: The collaboration with Stephen Sprouse resulted in the iconic Graffiti collection. These bold, vibrant pieces have shown an annual value increase of around 15% due to their unique and limited nature, appealing to both fashion aficionados and collectors. Buy authentic LV Graffiti Pochette.




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