What To Wear With Jeans - How To Style Your Jeans Fresh

What To Wear With Jeans - How To Style Your Jeans Fresh

Turn your boring everyday outfit into the polished-girl look with these 5 inspos.

Denim, the ultimate chameleon of fashion, always manages to find its way into our daily wardrobe rotation. But let's face it, there's more to life than just the classic jeans-and-tee combo! Get ready to elevate your jeans game from 'been there, done that' to 'oh la la! 



1. Shirt And Pointy Heels.

Pair your favorite jeans with a nonchalant shirt and a pointy kitten heels, showing from the trousers' leg. This look is simple, elegant and very French! Extra points if the shoes are vintage.


Jeans Pointy heels vintage outfit


2. Tee And The Belt.

Simple yet effective: style your jeans with a statement belt (the one with a big buckle). This outfit looks most elegant with flared jeans covering your shoes and a red accessory.


Jeans Retro Look

3. Old Money.

Old Money outfits have been trending on the Internet for a while now. Channel your inner heir and pair vintage jeans with a tennis-style jumper thrown over your shoulders.  


Jeans Old Money Kendall Jenner Outfit Street Style



4. Leather Jacket With Boots.

If you like a vintage statement jacket, this one is for you! Style your favorite jeans with a leather biker jacket from the 90s and classic leather boots. Very model-off-duty.


Jeans Leather Jacket Vintage Outfit



5. Corset & Sunnies.

This look is both feminine and comfortable: it combines the glamour of the corset with a nonchalance of the jeans. Pair it with 90s-style sunglasses to make it seem like you "didn't try at all" while looking very put-together.  



Jeans Irina Shayk Street Style




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