Why Buy Vintage Designer Bags - Why Are Vintage Bags BETTER?

Why Buy Vintage Designer Bags - Why Are Vintage Bags BETTER?

The truth about why are vintage designer bags better than the new ones:



1. A quiet statement.

Vintage bags aren’t just bags; they're a testament to style, proof that you actually know the arcana of fashion and its history inside out. For example, if you love Louis Vuitton Panda pochette, there's a good chance you are familiar with Murakami's paintings or like exploring the Japanese art scene. Or at least it would seem so. 



2. Find your own pack.

Not everyone has to know that the bag you are wearing is actually the 2012 Kusama x Louis Vuitton Speedy made by Marc Jacobs in collaboration with one of the most influential working artists. Not everyone will understand that your small graffiti pochette is in fact about mocking the logo culture. And that's ok. If you know, you know.



3. Make a wise investment. 

You may not know that but shopping for a vintage bag is actually an investment strategy. Vintage Fendi bags' value increased by 8-10 % since last year. This means you can earn money by spending on your favorite designers. Now no one can tell you that you are a reckless spender. 

(Want to invest in a designer bag: WHAT DESIGNER BAGS TO INVEST IN?)



4. There is no one like you.

Let’s talk exclusivity! Vintage beauties are a league of their own. You won’t bump into your vintage Dior twin on every street corner. It’s like owning a piece of fashion's best-kept secret. And remember: being trendy doesn't mean wearing what everyone else is wearing but leading with your own taste.



5. Impeccable quality.

They just hit different. Highest-quality materials, tight and even stitching: no wonder these beauties stood the test of time. You may be surprised how well a 20-year-old purse can look and how much longer can it serve you (so long that one day you can pass it on to your kids).  



6. Save our planet.

Choosing vintage isn’t just a style statement; it’s a conscious nod to reducing fashion's carbon footprint. So, while others chase the latest trends, choose sustainability. 



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